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The Consciousness Connection is a scientifically informed school for spiritual personal development.

The Consciousness Connection offers a series of courses in which people learn to work with those non-physical aspects of reality – the energy body, the mind, the soul and the infinite – to overcome inner and outer obstacles and bring more strength, grace, joy and peace into their lives.

Using the tools and skills taught in The Consciousness Connection, people become empowered to enrich their relationships, uplift their mental, emotional and physical health, increase their inspiration for projects and purpose and begin to live lives of genuine meaning, connection, abundance and wholeness.

The Consciousness Connection

Courses  (Coming soon)

TCC Conflict to Connection Shakti Durga

Conflict to Connection

Learn how to successfully move through conflict to harmony and to transform and uplift even the most difficult relationships.


Emotional Liberation

Learn how to befriend emotions, how to cultivate a rich, loving self-relationship, and how to sweeten and strengthen your relationships with others through self love and compassion. 


TCC Yoga of the Mind Shakti Durga

Yoga of the Mind

Gain a deeper understanding of the nature of consciousness and how to work with your consciousness for greater peace, health, wisdom, purpose, and connection with your truth.  

TCC Centres of Consciousness Shakti Durga

Centres of Consciousness

Learn about your energy centres, what is driving your unconscious and how to transform your chakras to uplift your life.  

TCC Activate Your Consciousness Shakti Durga

Activate Your Consciousness

Learn simple, yet powerful, healing techniques to transform your consciousness and perform simple healing for mind, body and spirit.

TCC Hallmarks of Awakening Shakti Durga

Hallmarks of Awakening

Embark on a profound, transformational journey, cultivating mental, emotional and spiritual mastery to enable greater peace, love, prosperity and joy in your life.

TCC Laws of the Soul Shakti DurgaTCC Laws of the Soul Shakti Durga

Laws of the Soul

An eye-opening, heart-opening, soul-brightening exploration of the ways of the universe and of our part in it.

TCC living truth and purpose Shakti Durga

Living Truth and Purpose

Reconnect with the essence of who you are, what lights you up, what makes your heart sing and what your gifts are for the world.  


Dimensions of Wealth

Discover the five dimensions of wealth creation and how to work with them to cultivate a life filled with not only the physical abundance you desire, but also whatever circumstance will make your heart the happiest.


Heart of Gold

Discover the many physical, mental, emotional and relational benefits of an open heart. Learn how to cultivate the strength, love, compassion and joy of your heart chakra and find more of the truth of your being through the sweetness and courage it yields.


Expressions of Interest

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